Looking to buy?

Peirce Equestrian has horses and ponies available for purchase, lease, or half-lease. When it comes to finding the right horse the process is vastly different than just finding one to buy.

We are here to assist you in locating the right horse/pony, suitable for both your needs and temperament. Typically, travel is encouraged to try horses/ponies. We will accompany, ride–if needed, video upon request, observe riding, and represent you as our client in the purchasing process. Once a good fit is found and the decision to purchase made, we will negotiate on your behalf, set up pre-purchase exam, and walk you through the process of purchasing or leasing. We will also guide you through new horse ownership.

In this industry, we are continually in contact with many different reputable trainers, not only in Texas, but throughout the entire U.S. We endeavor to find healthy, quality, suitable mounts and present each one honestly. Mileage, meals, and accommodations are billed separately as needed.